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Its that time of year and all through the night the men was thinking. ‘What ring should I get the love of my life?’

Guys we have you covered! Here are some top styles and cuts of engagement rings that your women will love!

Round Cut

This cut is one of the more popular cuts this season has it is very simply and classy looking. There are tons of different styles of this cut to choose from in regards to the band style, stones, diamonds, ect.

oval 2 oval

Princess Cut

This cut is for the princess girls out there. This cut is perfect for the women who love the straight lines, modern and chic style.

princess cut

Colored Gemstone

You can never go wrong with adding a little color to your ring! Adding color makes the ring unique from everyone else’s and it allows you to add a personal touch.

colored gemstone colored gem

Rose Gold

Rose gold is slowly becoming popular in engagement rings. It adds a pop of color, richness and shine to a women’s hand.

rose gold

Thin Band

The thin band is good for the women who have small hands that way the ring isn’t taking up her hold hand or weighing it down. The then band keeps it very simple and clean looking. Just make sure you add a big stone!

thin band


Vintage is perfect for the women who loves character and design. Vintage rings have a lot of character to them with their unique designs and lines.


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