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Wait! You are engaged!

Congratulations! Getting engaged is an exciting moment and a moment that you dream about since day one. You vision and dream about how the love of your life will announce their love for you. The day has finally come and your best friend got on one knee. Now What? Well, you need to shout it from the mountaintops!

As the engagement season comes upon us, here are some tips and ways to celebrate the next step in your relationship!

It’s time for a couple’s photo-shoot!

couples photoshoot ll

Send out engagement announcement cards with a picture from your photo-shoot on it. Send it to all your friends and family.

Create a website with your engagement date, wedding date, fun facts about you and your finance, pictures and more!


Instagram post goes without saying

Throw an engagement party

Blog about how your fiancé proposed to you on your website! And then continue blogging about the wedding planning process to keep your family and friends up to date with everything going on.

The quickest way to announce your engagement…. SOCIAL MEDIA! Post pictures or videos onto your social media page and your likes and shares will skyrocket!


In regards to announcing your Engagement Etiquette, there are some things that you should follow out of respect.

Inform the brides parents first then the grooms parents

If the parents haven’t meet each other yet, make sure you set up a get together

Tell immediate family members over the phone not through text messages. And make sure you inform them before your engagement hits social media

Keep your announcement short and sweet



For more ways on how to announce your engagement, check us out on pinterest!


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